Check if your
works perfect
we perform EEG research of your content
How it works
Upload the content
Representative sample of your core audience watch the content
Nrboom analyzes the brain activity of the audience
You get data on how people actually perceives the content
Find out what your target audience really thinks about the content. Where to place the logo and product? How to improve the video with color, sound, tempo and other parameters?
Make your best video ever
Deep research
Before launching an advertising campaign, find out which of several videos viewers will watch to the end and which video motivates the audience to perform the target action.
A/B testing and CTR forecast
What images or designs will attract more attention and be remembered?
Various types of content
Images, stories, GIF, 3D, live streams
Who uses Nrboom
Test ad performance before launching a campaign and maximize ROI
Develop masterpieces and prove their effectiveness to customers
Attract millions of viewers with Nrboom suggestions
Discover most effective or faulty creatives while conserving costs on tests
Explore not opinions, but real feelings from the game and increase engagement
Create thrilling trailers for movies
customers & cases
Content style analysis for 15 videos
Goal: Get more viewer behavior data for future videos
37,2m subscribers
Content style analysis for 10 videos
Goal: understand what drives the audience
Results: created a guideline for scriptwriters and animators
The Infographics Show
8,3m subscribers
Goal: analyze content and provide detailed reports to improve brand sales
0,5m subscribers
Goal: identify the reason for the success of the video with 140 million views
Results: a detailed report with recommendations for repeating the best moments of the video
1,9m subscribers
How will my target audience see the content?
We offer a special app for our testees. Only those who are fitting your representative sample characteristics will see the content.
What type of content can I analyze?
Any videos up to 1-hour duration, audio podcasts, graphic images. Need something else? Contact us.
How much will it cost me?
Actually, we do have a sort of price list. But we're receiving so many various incoming requests for analyses, so it's really hard to show one exact number here. Don't worry, the average research won't cost more than a fancy dinner for two in SoHo!
How is your method better than traditional surveys or face analytics?
Unlike surveys, we get real data from people about how their brain evaluates your content. At the same time, we do not use Face Analytics or Eye-tracking, which allows us to maintain an acceptable price level and speed of research.
Do you help to change the content?
You can use our recommendations to improve the content, for example, passing them on to your screenwriters, production studios or animators.
Do I get access to someone else's content?
Sure, if it's publicly available, we can analyze it.
We know you already have tons of questions. Let's talk!